Whitfield County, Ga, teacher describes work with the Schlechty Center

AMY HURLOCK ZOCK, a teacher in the Whitfield County Leadership Program, created this unique “letter” to her superintendent as a summary of her experience because an actual letter didn’t feel dynamic enough.

Amy said, “So many great books, so many experiences, and I they are all very connected. I was having a really difficult time representing that. So I began pulling in all the documents and things I’d done during the year that related to my leadership experience. I felt like doing my letter this way allowed me that novelty and variety and was stronger than any letter I could write.”

Way to go, Amy! We were just so impressed that we had to share this summary with others doing the tough but rewarding work of transforming schools and classrooms.

3-D Leadership Letter by Amy Hurlock Zock

2 Responses to “Whitfield County, Ga, teacher describes work with the Schlechty Center”

  1. Diane Nye says:

    Wow - Amy, this is very impressive. I’m going to the WOW conference in a week so I was exploring the Schlechty website when I found your “letter.” I enjoyed reading it and am very inspired by your prezi. Thanks for sharing.

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